"What's New" is my bulletin board for showcasing places to go to for food, fun, great deals and more. Each month, as my time permits, I will give you a tour of a new or little-known restaurant, business, or I'll tell you of upcoming events. As always, I'm open to reader input and will consider spotlighting your favorite places. There's a lot of fun to be had in Chesapeake. Let's share all of the best with each other. Along the way, I will be bringing you deals from local businesses. I will not be paid for this service, and I will only be spotlighting what I feel is good for you and for my city, Chesapeake.



    Dairy Queen of Great Bridge

In 1965, Carrol's Restaurant opened on the corner of Battlefield Blvd. and Albermarle Dr.,  11 years later it was turned into a Dairy Queen and has been a Great Bridge Icon ever since.  The years had been hard on the structure until last year when it was purchased by David and Lynn Seidman.  The Seidman's have completely renovated it and I can tell you, it's spotless with colorful murals covering walls that backdrop all new tables and chairs.  Mention my website any time through the month of February and you will get $2 off of one of the most delicious Valentine's Day Cakes or $2 off of any 10 inch cake custom made for any occasion, plus a FREE small cone when you pick it up!  February 19th will be Customer Appreciation Day when everything except cakes will be 50% OFF!    www.markcareyschesapeake.com/month/month




        Kathy and Dennis Wood, owners of "The Software Choice" are going to make your Christmas a little less painful by offering you a 20% discount on all labor until December 31!   All you have to do is mention my website and you're taken care of.  I have to tell you, they built my new system to my specifications and networked it to my old system...I haven't had any down time since.  It's great to have them and their team behind me.  I don't have time to lose and they make sure that I don't.  Like the ad says..."technology changes daily," you want someone that keeps up with it to troubleshoot all of the current trends so you don't waste your time and money trying to stay current.  They also offer WEB SITE HOSTING. They're located at 801 Volvo Parkway.  Call and ask them how they can help you...757-549-2442.  www.tschoice.com

    Give THE SOFTWARE CHOICE a try and thank me later!



Quality Music Center

    Quality Music Center at 1400 Kempsville Road has a full line of musical instruments for students both young and old. If you go in, talk to Wayne and Janet Hoover and mention my web site, you get the first month rental FREE! This guarantees you the best deal in town on musical instrument rentals...but ear plugs will cost you extra!



Coluzzi's Bainbridge Grill

    When someone walks through the door of Coluzzi's Bainbridge Grill for the first time, they are surprised not only by the quaint interior and wide variety of meals, but by the friendly atmosphere that is so natural there. When you walk in, it's like a reunion of old friends. Even folks just passing through seem to fit seamlessly. The daily menu consists of more than a dozen selections written on their two large chalkboards. The food is fresh and delicious and you never can tell who might drop in at any moment. Call and check-out the menu at 543-1800 or just go try it for yourself at 3221 Bainbridge Boulevard. Ask Joe and Barbara for the Healthy-Boy Special.

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